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A comprehensive review of cytogenetic features is provided for the large hemipteran suborder Auchenorrhyncha, which currently contains approximately 42,000 valid species. This review is based on the analysis of 819 species, 483 genera, and 31 families representing all presently recognized Auchenorrhyncha superfamilies, e.i. Cicadoidea (cicadas), Cercopoidea(More)
Citation: Kuznetsova V (2017) Book Review: Kiknadze I., Istomina A., Golygina V., Gunderina L. Karyotypes of Palearctic and Holarctic species of the genus Chironomus [Electronic resource] Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Federal Research Center, Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Novosibirsk: Academic Publishing House “GEO”, 2016. – 489 p.(More)
This p rob lem has requ i red the development of methods of quanti tat ive evaluation of the s ize and content of pa r t i c l e s in the a i r of indus t r ia l r ooms , as well as the es tab l i shment of p e r m i s s i b l e n o r m s for r o o m s of this type. Standards of content of mechanica l pa r t i c l e s in the a i r , as well as methods of(More)
The article deals with the main types of the polymers used in hydrogel preparation. Their biological, physical and chemical properties was compared. Ways of polymers hardening and prospects of medical application were considered. The prospect of use of chitosan hydrogels activated by osteoinductors as a material for bone augmentation were concluded.
Closed cell polymer foam skin thickness can be assessed by taking backscatter electron (BSE) images in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at a series of accelerating voltages. Under a given set of experimental conditions, the electron beam mostly passes through thin polymer skin cell walls. That cell appears dark compared to adjacent thicker-skinned(More)
Using a novel diagnostic technology that allows to investigate the structure of a biological fluid formed during its phase transition into a dried film, we revealed a cause of mistaken results of protein concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with discogenic radiculitis. The traditional laboratory study does not reveal the elevated content of(More)
There are controversial opinions on whether asexual reproduction is more common on islands than on the mainland. Although some authors consider that the evidences of geographical parthenogenesis support the view that asexual reproduction is more common on islands, comparative data on the modes of reproduction of insular and continental taxa confirming this(More)