Valentina I Tzaneva

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BACKGROUND Waist circumference (WC) is a simple, easily available anthropometric measurement, giving relevant information about fat distribution and reflecting the degree of central adiposity in children. It appears to be the main risk factor for the progress of the metabolic syndrome. Our aim was to develop age- and sex-specific WC percentile curves for(More)
The systematic registration of the incidence of childhood (0-14 yr) type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus in Bulgaria dates back to 1973, with an invariably present difference in the incidence according to the area of residence. The present study has been undertaken to assess the trends in the incidence of type 1 diabetes among children in eastern(More)
The incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) in children on the Balkan peninsula varies between 2.45 and 10.00/100,000. The present study aimed to assess the trends in the IDDM incidence in children 0-14 years for a 22-year period in Eastern Bulgaria. The data were collected on the basis of the Varna Paediatric Diabetes Registry, both(More)
Antibodies to alpha-elastin (elastin breakdown product) and elastin sequences devoid of cross-linked regions (linear elastin) are found in the serum of all human subjects and correlate with their respective serum peptide levels. The aim of this study was to determine if the serum level of antielastin antibodies (AEAbs) differs between type 1 diabetic(More)
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