Valentina Huber

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UNICORE (UNiform Interface to COmputer REsources) provides a seamless and secure access to distributed supercomputer resources. This paper will give an overview of the its architecture, security features, user functions, and mechanisms for the integration of existing applications into UNICORE. Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics (CPMD) application is used as(More)
This paper presents the integration of application specific interfaces in the UNICORE Grid infrastructure. UNICORE provides a seamless and secure mechanism to access distributed supercomputer resources. The widely used Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics (CPMD) application was selected as a first example to demonstrate the capabilities of UNICORE to(More)
This paper reports first results following construction of the W7X stellarator, confirming the accuracy of the field coils by identifying the flux surfaces produced by the vacuum field. The successful construction of W7X is indeed a capstone achievement, requiring both extraordinary engineering precision and, importantly, sustained political willpower. (One(More)
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