Valentina Gazzaniga

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Black urine is recorded in all ancient urology as a negative prognostic sign, often linked with the presence of blood; its presence can also be considered as a sign of massive hemolytic crisis, especially if associated with specific nosological patterns. The Hippocratic case of Epidemics III, 11 has recently been diagnosed as an intermittent acute(More)
The three principles to know, to know how and to know how to be are already condensed in the works of Theophilos (7th-9th centuries). Theophilus' De urinis was included in Latin translation in the Articella, probably because of its intermediate position between the texts of high doctrinal value by Hippocrates and Galen (lacking, however, a unifying 'theory(More)
In ancient Greek medicine female physiology is determined by a particular state of non-steady equilibrium, largely based on pregnancy and lactation, presented as the only balanced and healthy periods in women's life. Nonetheless, pregnancy can be also a pathological moment, in particular referring to specific alterations of its 'normal time'(More)
Neo-hippocratism is a rational and mechanic method to explain pathological phenomena and discover the causes of diseases. Bernardino Ramazzini uses Hippocratic empirical observation to investigate the relations between the alterations of the air - due to mephitic vapours, of organic and inorganic origin - and the development of pathological processes. His(More)
In ancient medicine feminine blood is a complex notion, regarding physical pollution and moral impurity, the necessity of purifying a body otherwise full of residual matter an 'hydraulic' physiology, the 'crafting' of the child and children's diseases and deformities.
Love is a psychic force capable of converting itself into a real disease, as abundantly demostrated by the medical contemporary literature and by the interest of the law to the issue of protection of the objects of persecution of unrequited love. The dual nature of love, capable of harmful or sel- destructive metamorphoses, is a common topic of medical(More)