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The solution of a problem of correct hyphenation of Romanian language words, and in general, problem of division them into syllables, becomes especially urgent today in view of absence of algorithm of word division into syllables in many widely used automated text processing systems exactly for Romanian language. This problem is nontrivial, whereas at a(More)
The article deals with analysing the outcomes of administering low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWH) by the example of nadroparin ("Fraxiparin") during the intraoperative period in patients diagnosed with atherosclerotic lesions of femoropoplietal-crural segment of the lower-limb arteries as compared with non-fractionated heparin (NFH). Studied were the(More)
56 Patients with cancer of major duodenal papilla were examined before and after pylorus-saving pancreaticoduodenal resection. Carbohydrate metabolism was estimated before and after the operation, impact of the operation on diabetes mellitus progression was detected. If there were no carbohydrate metabolism abnormalities in 75% before the operation, then(More)
Interdependence between the level of homocysteine and acute-phase proteins was assessed in patients presenting with a severe course of atherosclerosis. We examined a total of 67 patients aged 62.3 +/- 1.03 years. Of these, 34 patients had type 2 diabetes mellitus and 35 were non-diabetic. The diabetic patients were found to suffer a severe course of the(More)
In order to develop a diagnostic panel, mRNA levels of tumor marker genes have been evaluated in capillary blood of patients with various malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) by means of the method of reverse transcription combined with real-time PCR with detection of reaction products using TaqMan probes. Use of small volumes of capillary(More)
Early biosynthesis of short-life ATP was observed in plasma membranes of target cells stimulated by insulin or other polypeptide growth factors in the presence of all components of aerobic phosphorylation and cytochrome c. The effect is always mediated by the binding of insulin or growth factors to specific receptors. Erythrocyte plasma membranes are a(More)
Endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF) is a peptide synthesized in the hypothalamus and platelets, which regulates a process of angiogenesis, stimulating the vascular endothelial cell proliferation of and formation of new capillaries. As previously shown that activation of target cells in response to insulin, growth factors, stimulators of mitogenesis and(More)
Efficacy of out-hospital treatment of coagulation disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus type II (DMII) in comparison with non-diabetic patients after aortic-femoral reconstruction was studied. Long-term results were obtained within 65,1±3,95 months after surgery. Data of 67 patients were obtained, of them 32 had severe DMII, 35 patients had no(More)
Energy-consuming, ATP-dependent step of transmembrane transmission of the signal for chemotaxis was studied at the pathway between receptors of formylpeptide and membrane kinase of polymorphonuclears leukocytes. Some peptides, particularly formylmethionyl leucylphenylalanine (FMLP), were demonstrated to have a property of chemostimulation, i.e. they had an(More)