Valentina Della Pietra

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2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)ethanol (DPE), a naturally occurring phenolic antioxidant molecule found in olive oil, has been reported to exert several biological and pharmacological activities. We studied the effect of this compound on the proliferation and survival of HL60 cell line. Concentrations from 50 to 100 microM DPE, comparable to its olive oil content,(More)
Resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring phytoalexin, found in grapes and wine, which has been reported to exert a variety of important pharmacological effects. We have investigated the activity of resveratrol on proliferation and differentiation of the promyelocitic cell line HL-60. A concentration as low as 30 microM causes a(More)
We describe an implementation of a simple probabilistic link grammar. This proba-bilistic language model extends trigrams by allowing a word to be predicted not only from the two immediately preceeding words, but potentially from any preceeding pair of adjacent words that lie within the same sentence. In this way, the trigram model can skip over less(More)
Development of human neuroblastoma is due to an arrest in the differentiation program of neural crest sympathoadrenal progenitor cells. However, neuroblastomas, as well as their derived cell lines, maintain the potentiality of terminal differentiation. We investigated the molecular mechanisms by which retinoic acid, a molecule introduced in clinical trials(More)
The regulation of the D-type cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK4 and CDK6) activity appears to be the key step in the progression of eukaryotic cells through the G1 cell cycle phase. One of the mechanisms involved in this process is the binding of some small proteic inhibitors, with a molecular mass ranging between 14 and 20 kDa, to these CDKs. We have evaluated(More)
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