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Macrophyte diversity and physico-chemical characteristics of Tyrrhenian coast ponds in central Italy: implications for conservation
Awareness of pond conservation value is growing all over Europe. Ponds are recognized as important ecosystems supporting large numbers of species and several rare and threatened aquatic plants,Expand
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Development of a diatom-based multimetric index for acid mine drainage impacted depressional wetlands.
Acid mine drainage (AMD) from coal mining in the Mpumalanga Highveld region of South Africa has caused severe chemical and biological degradation of aquatic habitats, specifically depressionalExpand
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Freshwater diatom and macroinvertebrate diversity of coastal permanent ponds along a gradient of human impact in a Mediterranean eco-region
Mediterranean coastal areas are characterised by heavily transformed landscapes and an ever-increasing number of ponds are subjected to strong alterations. Although benthic diatoms andExpand
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Benthic diatom assemblages and their response to human stress in small-sized volcanic-siliceous streams of central Italy (Mediterranean eco-region)
The river typology ‘volcanic rivers’ represents a unique typology in the Mediterranean eco-region in Europe but its type-specific diatom assemblages are still poorly investigated. The main aims ofExpand
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A comparison of Sentinel-3-OLCI and Sentinel-2-MSI-derived Chlorophyll-a maps for two large Italian lakes
ABSTRACT The twin satellites Sentinel-3 (S3A/B) with Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) sensors, with a spatial resolution of 300 m, and a revisiting time of 1–2 days, and the twin satellitesExpand
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