Valentina Del Volgo

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Every year a lot of children die from heat stroke and hyperthermia because they have been left unattended in closed automobiles. These fatalities have augmented slightly in the past decade, but they are a poor recognized type of vehicle injury and little research has been done to discover the circumstances surrounding the fatal event. Two factors make(More)
Purpose: To describe the natural history of patients with nocturnal enuresis (NE) during a 10-year period and to evaluate possible impact of comorbid conditions on the persistence of NE. Materials and Methods: Ninety-five children (male to female ratio [M:F] 65:30), aged at first visit between 6 and 21 years were included in this study. Of study subjects 75(More)
Suicidal behaviors are among the leading causes of death worldwide. The large spread of suicide suggests that educational programs and literature to parents or guardians should include information about the potential risks and potential consequences of the onset of the idea of suicide in children. We identified 55 cases of suicide among children and young(More)
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