Valentina Damiani

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Nm23-H1 is a metastasis suppressor gene whose overexpression is associated with both reduced cell motility in various cancers and increased metastatic potential in neuroblastomas, osteosarcomas, and hematological malignances. We previously reported that Nm23-H1 exerts tumor suppressor action in prostate cancer cells and that h-Prune, which is overexpressed(More)
A pectoralis major myofascial flap (PMMF) is a simple variant of the pectoralis major myocutaneous flap (PMMC), and allows avoiding some of the disadvantages of Ariyan's technique while reducing well-known, overall complications. This is a retrospective analysis of 45 hypopharyngeal reconstructions (40 immediate reconstructions after subtotal(More)
H-Prune hydrolyzes short-chain polyphosphates (PPase activity) together with an hitherto cAMP-phosphodiesterase (PDE), the latest influencing different human cancers by its overexpression. H-Prune promotes cell migration in cooperation with glycogen synthase kinase-3 (Gsk-3β). Gsk-3β is a negative regulator of canonical WNT/β-catenin signaling. Here, we(More)
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma of the (HNSCC) represents approximately 5% of malignant tumours in Italy. HNSCC are commonly treated with surgery or radiotherapy, or a combination of such therapies. The objectives of treatment are maximum cure rate balanced with organ preservation, restoration of form and function, reduction of morbidities and(More)
In spite of the amount of literature demonstrating the relationship between upper and lower airways, both from the anatomical, and pathophysiological point of view, little is known about the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of the Rhino-Bronchial Syndrome (RBS). After the publication, in 2003, of a Consensus Report defining the Rhino-Bronchial(More)
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