Valentina Dall'armi

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Very little research on dispositional optimism (DO) has been carried out in the field of Parkinson's disease (PD). The present cross-sectional study, focusing on this personality trait, was performed with two main aims: i) to compare DO between patients with PD and a control group (CG); ii) to perform, in the PD group, a regression analysis including(More)
OBJECTIVE A randomized controlled observer-blind trial was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of action observation as an add-on treatment to the standard rehabilitation of upper-limb function, early after stroke. METHODS Stroke survivors (N = 102) were consecutively recruited from 13 centers 30 days (±7) after a first-ever stroke and randomly(More)
The voice quality of individuals with Down Syndrome (DS) is generally described as husky, monotonous and raucous. On the other hand, the voice of DS children is characterized by breathiness, roughness, and nasality and is typically low pitched. However, research on phonation and intonation in these participants is limited. The present study was designed to(More)
This study was aimed at verifying the improvement on the motor impairment and functionality in 19 patients with chronic hemiparesis after stroke treated with a robot-aided rehabilitation protocol using the ReoGo™ system (Motorika Medical Ltd, Israel), and at evaluating the persistence of the effects after 1 month. The study also focused on the actual(More)
OBJECTIVE Personality changes are known to occur in idiopathic Parkinson's Disease (PD). The aim of the study was to evaluate whether religious and spiritual beliefs in PD patients are different from age-matched controls. DESIGN Eighty-three PD participants, 79 hypertensive individuals not affected by PD and 88 healthy subjects participated to a(More)
Data on electrolyte disorders in neurological conditions and in acute stroke are somewhat scanty and not easily compared. In our Stroke Unit we studied patients hospitalized within six hours of the onset of an acute ischemic stroke and recorded their demographic and clinical data. Blood test results were recorded before any pharmacological therapy. A total(More)
The study is aimed at identifying hemispheric language dominance in both the right-handed and left-handed participants. Eighteen right-handed and 18 left-handed young volunteers were invited to listen for 80 times to a 720 ms duration Italian word. Signals from 16 electrodes were averaged and displayed both as traces and maps. When the word was delivered to(More)
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