Valentina D'Amelio

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This work is aimed at establishing a common frame and understanding of function modeling (FM) for our ongoing research activities. A comparative review of the literature is performed to grasp the various FM approaches with their commonalities and differences. The relations of FM with the research fields of artificial intelligence, design theory, and(More)
Perinereis erythrocruorin has the following physicochemical properties: So20,w = 55S, corresponding to a molecular weight around 2.7-10(6); minimum molecular weight (on the basis of the heme content) 23 700 +/- 500; isoelectric point 5.1; alpha-helix content approximately 40%. At alkaline pH values in the oxygenated form the 55-S molecules dissociate into(More)
1. Diet, time from last feeding, temperature, season and sexual stage are some of the factors influencing the lipoprotein pattern. 2. Keeping these factors constant species-specific differences observed among lipoprotein patterns of Sparus aurata, Puntazzo puntazzo, Diplodus sargus, Diplodus vulgaris and Dicentrarchus labrax are discussed. 3. Feeding habits(More)
È stata determinata l'attività proteasica nelle differenti regioni della blastula e della gastrula diDiscoglossus pictus. Nella blastula non esiste una differenza di attività fra metà animale e vegetativa, quando si prenda come riferimento l'azoto citoplasmatico. Nella giovane gastrula il territorio presuntivo della corda e del sistema nervoso mostra una(More)