Valentina Costa

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This study reports the synthesis, chromatographic separation, and pharmacological evaluation of the two enantiomers of the neuropeptide S receptor (NPSR) antagonist (9R/S)-3-oxo-1,1-diphenyl-tetrahydro-oxazolo[3,4-a]pyrazine-7-carboxylic acid 4-fluoro-benzylamide (SHA 68). The (9R)-3-oxo-1,1-diphenyl-tetrahydro-oxazolo[3,4-a]pyrazine-7-carboxylic acid(More)
Museum specimens of glacier lanternfish Benthosema glaciale were used to investigate long-term variations in mercury concentration of mesopelagic organisms from the North Atlantic. B. glaciale is an abundant mesopelagic fish species in the boreal and sub-polar pelagic regions of the North Atlantic, playing an important role in the cycling of energy in the(More)
The intake of Cd, methyl-Hg, and Pb through consumption of black scabbardfish (BSF) (Aphanopus carbo) in Portugal as well as the associated probability of exceeding the respective provisional tolerable weekly intakes (PTWIs) was estimated. For this purpose, the contamination levels of heavy metals in this fish species were combined with constructed(More)
An automated method for deconvolution of overloaded band profiles in gradient elution is described. The instrumental set-up consists of a pseudo-bidimensional HPLC system, where overloaded band profiles generated in the first direction are sampled on the second one. The method, previously employed under isocratic conditions, has been now extended to(More)
Aims. We have analysed ground-based multi-colour Strömgren photometry and single-filter photometry from the star tracker on the  satellite of the δ Scuti star ǫ Cephei. Methods. The ground-based data set consists of 16 nights of data collected over 164 days, while the satellite data are nearly continuous coverage of the star during 14 days. The spectral(More)
A bi-dimensional (non-orthogonal) chromatographic system made of two columns of different length (longer along the first direction and shorter on the second) but packed with identical (or similar) materials has been employed to perform automated on-line fraction analysis and peak deconvolution of multicomponent overloaded band profiles. Multicomponent(More)
We have analysed newly calibrated IUE and ROSAT data for three T Tauri stars from different subclasses: TW Hya, V410 Tau and CS Cha, a Classical T Tauri star (CTTS), a Weak T Tauri star (WTTS) and a T Tauri star intermediate between CTTS and WTTS, respectively. In the ultraviolet the continuum seems to be well explained by the sum of the stellar black body(More)
Context. We present the results of an extensive ground-based photometric and spectroscopic campaign on the γ Dor CoRoT target HD 49434. This campaign was preparatory to the CoRoT satellite observations, which took place from October 2007 to March 2008. Aims. Whereas satellite data will be limited to the detection of low-degree pulsation modes with poor(More)