Valentina Ciriani

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The impact of privacy requirements in the development of modern applications is increasing very quickly. Many commercial and legal regulations are driving the need to develop reliable solutions for protecting sensitive information whenever it is stored, processed, or communicated to external parties. To this purpose, encryption techniques are currently used(More)
We put forward a novel paradigm for preserving privacy in data outsourcing which departs from encryption. The basic idea behind our proposal is to involve the owner in storing a limited portion of the data, and maintaining all data (either at the owner or at external servers) in the clear. We assume a relational context, where the data to be out-sourced is(More)
Privacy requirements have an increasing impact on the realization of modern applications. Technical considerations and many significant commercial and legal regulations demand today that privacy guarantees be provided whenever sensitive information is stored, processed , or communicated to external parties. It is therefore crucial to design solutions able(More)
Data mining technology has attracted significant interest as a means of identifying patterns and trends from large collections of data. It is however evident that the collection and analysis of data that include personal information may violate the privacy of the individuals to whom information refers. Privacy protection in data mining is then becoming a(More)
The balance between privacy and utility is a classical problem with an increasing impact on the design of modern information systems. On the one side it is crucial to ensure that sensitive information is properly protected; on the other side, the impact of protection on the workload must be limited as query efficiency and system performance remain a primary(More)
Recently introduced pseudoproducts and Sum of Pseudoproduct (SPP) forms have made possible to represent Boolean functions with much shorter expressions than standard Sum of Products (SP) forms <italic>LP99</italic>. A pseudo product is a product (AND) of Exclusive OR (EXOR) factors, and an SPP form is a sum (OR) of pseudoproducts. The synthesis of SPP(More)
Existing approaches for protecting sensitive information stored (outsourced) at external " honest-but-curious " servers are typically based on an overlying layer of encryption that is applied on the whole information, or use a combination of fragmentation and encryption. The computational load imposed by encryption makes such approaches not suitable for(More)
We investigate restructuring techniques based on decomposition/factorization, with the objective to move critical signals toward the output while minimizing area. A specific application is synthesis for minimum switching activity (or high performance), with minimum area penalty, where decompositions with respect to specific critical variables are needed(More)
—Recently defined, three-level logic sum of pseudo-products (SPP) forms are EXOR-AND-OR networks representing Boolean functions, and are much shorter than standard two-level sum of products (SOP) expressions (Luccio and Pagli, 1999). The main disadvantages of SPP networks are their cumbersome theory in the original formulation and their high minimization(More)
—We exploit the " regularity " of Boolean functions with the purpose of decreasing the time for constructing minimal three-level expressions, in the sum of pseudoproducts (SPP) form recently developed. The regularity of a Boolean function of variables can be expressed by an autosymmetry degree (with 0). = 0 means no regularity, that is we are not able to(More)