Valentina Chenda

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PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the diagnostic contribution of mammography with synchrotron radiation in patients with questionable or suspicious breast abnormalities identified at combined digital mammography (DM) and ultrasonography (US). MATERIALS AND METHODS The ethics committee approved this prospective study, and written informed consent was(More)
A clinical program for X-ray phase contrast (PhC) mammography with synchrotron radiation (SR) has been started in March 2006 at the SYRMEP beamline of Elettra, the SR facility in Trieste, Italy. The original beamline layout has been modified substantially and a clinical facility has been realized. In order to fulfill all security requirements, dedicated(More)
The Elastic and Inelastic Scattering (EIS) beamline at the free-electron laser FERMI is presented. It consists of two separate end-stations: EIS-TIMEX, dedicated to ultrafast time-resolved studies of matter under extreme and metastable conditions, and EIS-TIMER, dedicated to time-resolved spectroscopy of mesoscopic dynamics in condensed matter. The(More)
The ELETTRA Virtual Collaboratory (EVC) is a Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) system to support scientific collaboration in experiments. The term “Collaboratory” was coined by William Wulf by merging the words collaboration and laboratory, and defined as “... center without walls, in which researchers can perform their research without regard to(More)
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