Valentina Cantelli

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We report an experimental proof of principle for ghost imaging in the hard-x-ray energy range. We use a synchrotron x-ray beam that is split using a thin crystal in Laue diffraction geometry. With an ultrafast imaging camera, we are able to image x rays generated by isolated electron bunches. At this time scale, the shot noise of the synchrotron emission(More)
Indium tin oxide (ITO) is widely applied as a transparent conductive oxide coating. A standard and successful industrial route of production is its deposition by magnetron sputtering from a compound (oxide) target [1]. To increase cost efficiency, it would be preferable to sputter reactively from a metal target at sufficiently high partial pressure of(More)
The polarity in ZnO nanowires is an important issue since it strongly affects surface configuration and reactivity, nucleation and growth, electro-optical properties, and nanoscale-engineering device performances. However, measuring statistically the polarity of ZnO nanowire arrays grown by chemical bath deposition and elucidating its correlation with the(More)
This paper presents the upgraded `In situ growth of Nanoscructures on Surfaces' (INS) endstation of the InterFace beamline IF-BM32 at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). This instrument, originally designed to investigate the structure of clean surfaces/interfaces/thin-films by surface X-ray diffraction, has been further developed to(More)
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