Valentina Cantatore

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We report a computational study of the photo-orientation kinetics in a viscous solution of azobenzene in ethylene glycol, under irradiation with linearly polarized light. The development of anisotropy and its interplay with photoisomerization are simulated by a stochastic model. A distinctive feature of the model is that it takes into account the(More)
We examine the photo-orientation of molecules in a linearly polarized field and the ensuing optical anisotropy of a sample. We propose a theoretical model that considers both photoinduced reorientation and rotational diffusion, for the case of linear or axial molecules not interacting among them, as in dilute solutions in viscous media. We perform numerical(More)
We present a stochastic model for the kinetics of photoinduced anisotropy in a sample of molecular chromophores that may undergo photoisomerization. It is assumed that the chromophores do not interact among them, but are embedded in a medium that slows down the rotational diffusion. The model makes use of data about the photoinduced reorientation of the(More)
We present surface hopping simulations of the photodynamics of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of 4'-(biphenyl-4-ylazo)-biphenyl-4-thiol (ABPT) on Au(111). We show that trans → cis photoisomerization is suppressed because of steric hindrance in a well-ordered SAM. Photoisomerization is instead viable in the presence of defects. Two particularly important(More)
A number of 2D layered perovskites A2PbI4 and BPbI4, with A and B mono- and divalent ammonium and imidazolium cations, have been modeled with different theoretical methods. The periodic structures have been optimized (both in monoclinic and in triclinic systems, corresponding to eclipsed and staggered arrangements of the inorganic layers) at the DFT level,(More)
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