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The sustainability of sheep production is hindered by anthelmintic resistance. Options to slow down or prevent resistance have been widely studied but their application in the field is still limited. In this study, the practical application and effect of a targeted selective treatment (TST) approach for the treatment of parasitic gastroenteritis was(More)
Dicrocoeliosis was identified as the probable predisposing cause of weight loss and hepatogenous photosensitisation affecting half of a group of 14 month-old ewe lambs on a farm on the Inner Hebridean island of Coll. Oral dosing of the ewe lambs with 15 mg/kg albendazole only achieved a 79.2% reduction in Dicrocoelium dendriticum egg count, 21 day post(More)
There is a growing need for low-cost, rapid and reliable diagnostic results in veterinary medicine. Point-of-care (POC) tests have tremendous advantages over existing laboratory-based tests, due to their intrinsic low-cost and rapidity. A considerable number of POC tests are presently available, mostly in dipstick or lateral flow formats, allowing(More)
Periodontitis is a polymicrobial infectious disease that causes occlusion change, tooth loss, difficulty in rumination, and premature culling of animals. This study aimed to detect species of the genera Porphyromonas and Prevotella present in the periodontal pocket of sheep with lesions deeper than 5mm (n=14) and in the gingival sulcus of animals considered(More)
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