Valentin Zumstein

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We evaluated the effect of nimodipine (30 mg q.i.d. orally for 14 days) on acute ischemic stroke of mild or moderate severity in a unicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study. Treatment had to be started after CT, within 48 h of infarct in patients with a Mathew scale sum score between 50 and 75. The duration of follow-up was 4(More)
BACKGROUND Radial mismatch, glenohumeral conformity ratios and differences between cartilaginous and osseous radii highly depend on the measured plane. The comparison of cartilaginous radii between humeral head and glenoid in different planes provides new information to understand the degree of conformity during abduction of the upper limb. METHODS To(More)
ABSTRACT Introduction: The scientific study of mummies provides an insight into the life of past populations. Using CT-Osteoabsorptiometry (CT-OAM), a noninvasive technique based on conventional CT-data sets, it is possible to visualize the mineral density distribution in the subchondral bone plate, representing the long-term loading conditions of the(More)
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