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The boundary problem in cylindrical coordinates for the Schrödinger equation describing a hydrogen-like atom in a strong homogeneous magnetic field is reduced to the problem for a set of the longitudinal equations in the framework of the Kantorovich method. The effective potentials of these equations are given by integrals over transversal variable of a(More)
This mini-review summarizes literature and original data about the role of microtubules in interphase animal cells. Recent data have shown that functioning of microtubules is essential for such diverse phenomena as directional cell movements, distribution of organelles in the cytoplasm, and neuronal memory in the central nervous system. It is suggested that(More)
The modern laser physics and nanotechnologies have stimulated computer simulations for the dynamics of atomic systems in external fields and for control problems of finite dimensional quantum systems [1]. For such subjects symbolic-numerical algorithms based on procedures of normalization and quantization of polynomial Hamiltonians, and numerical methods(More)
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