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In this paper we propose and analyze two dual methods based on inexact gradient information and averaging that generate approximate primal solutions for smooth convex optimization problems. The complicating constraints are moved into the cost using the Lagrange multipliers. The dual problem is solved by inexact first order methods based on approximate(More)
We study the computational complexity certification of inexact gradient augmented Lagrangian methods for solving convex optimization problems with complicated constraints. We solve the augmented Lagrangian dual problem that arises from the relaxation of complicating constraints with gradient and fast gradient methods based on inexact first order(More)
We propose in this paper an inexact dual gradient algorithm based on augmented Lagrangian theory and inexact information for the values of dual function and its gradient. We study the computational complexity certification of the proposed method and we provide estimates on primal and dual suboptimality and also on primal infeasibility. We also discuss(More)
— In this paper we propose a model predictive control scheme for discrete-time linear time-invariant systems based on inexact numerical optimization algorithms. We assume that the solution of the associated quadratic program produced by some numerical algorithm is possibly neither optimal nor feasible, but the algorithm is able to provide estimates on(More)
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