Valentin Muresan

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A list scheduling approach is proposed in this paper to overcome the problem of unequal-length block-test scheduling under power dissipation constraints. An extended tree growing technique is also used in combination with the list scheduling algorithm in order to improve the test concur-rency having assigned power dissipation limits. Moreover, the algorithm(More)
This paper proposes an efficient hardware architecture for an elementary function generator that is suitable for use as the activation function in an artificial neural network (ANN). A spline-based approximation function is designed that provides a good trade-off between accuracy and ...., whilst also being inherently scalable and adaptable to other(More)
This paper proposes an energy-efficient hardware acceleration architecture for the variable N-point 1D Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) that can be leveraged if implementing MPEG-4's Shape Adaptive DCT (SA-DCT) tool. The SA-DCT algorithm was originally formulated in response to the MPEG-4 requirement for object based texture coding, and is one of the most(More)
This paper tackles the problem of accelerating The rest of this paper is organised as follows: section II motion estimation for video processing. A novel architecture details related prior research. Section III proposes a new binary using binary data is proposed, which attempts to reduce power motion estimation routine which exploits early termination(More)
The efficient design of multiplierless implementations of constant matrix multipliers is challenged by the huge solution search spaces even for small scale problems. Previous approaches tend to use hill-climbing algorithms risking sub-optimal results. The three-stage algorithm proposed in this paper partitions the global constant matrix mul-tiplier into its(More)
The efficient design of multiplierless implementa-The goal is to find the optimal sub-expressions across all N dot tions of constant matrix multipliers is challenged by the huge products in (3) that lead to the fewest adder resources needed. solution search spaces even for small scale problems. Previous ap-Three properties aid the classification of(More)