Valentin Masero

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In order to improve the distance teaching of minimally invasive surgery techniques, an integrated system has been developed. It comprises a telecommunications system, a server, a workstation, some medical peripherals and several computer applications developed in the Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre. The latest peripherals, such as robotized teleoperating(More)
In many scientific and technical applications, a three-dimensional (3D) object must be reconstructed, either to assist in understanding the object's structure or to ease its automatic handling and analysis. Volume reconstruction has been used in health care to diagnose, simulate, facilitate surgical planning, develop image-guided surgery, facilitate(More)
This paper present a method for image segmentation, which is an adaptation of the classical active contours algorithm, also called "snakes", using a new internal energy approach. The classical model computes the energy function based on changes in gradient values, thus determining the detection of the object's edges. In the proposed model, the active(More)
Too many people suffer from noise levels that scientists and health experts consider to be unacceptable, where most people become annoyed, where sleep is disturbed and where adverse health effects are to be feared. The present paper centers on inferring individuals annoyance level caused by noise exposure. The starting point of our thoughts is the(More)
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Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) have provided the opportunity and tools to estimate, interpret, observe and better understand newest health care problems. In this way, Information and Communication Technologies permit researchers to sustain greater benefits such as decision support systems, protecting sensitive patient data, integration of complex(More)
We have developed a telemedicine project called Telesurgex, which is an integrated information system designed for several hospitals as well as the Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre. The project researches and develops telemedicine systems (both hardware and software) and their contents, ensuring that they are really useful and not just a videoconference(More)
This paper presents a variation of the classic algorithm of active contours in order to improve the visualization of 3D reconstruction of anatomical structures in medicine. This 3D reconstructions are made from the obtained contours. This variation of active contour enables a better behavior of them.Other authors have already used snakes (active contours)(More)
A system for making remote two- and three-dimensional reconstructions from computerized tomography images has been developed in order to improve medical teleteaching. It allows the automatic two- and three-dimensional remote visualization of the anatomical structure of interest. As a part of this system, software has been developed which allows many visual(More)
2. THE REVIEW PROCESS A minimum of three experts blindly reviewed each paper submitted to the Special Track “Computer Applications and Health Care”. These experts reviewed submissions based on their technical content and accuracy, significance of the work, style and clarity, and originality of the paper. 36 papers were submitted and 13 were accepted as full(More)