Valentin Leonardi

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Motion simulation of an organ can be useful in some cases like organ study, surgery aid or tumor destruction. When using a non-invasive way of tumor destruction through transcutaneous transmition of waves, it is primordial to keep the wave beam focused on the tumor. When the tumor is not in movement, such a task is trivial. But when the tumor is located in(More)
Organ segmentation and reconstruction are useful for many clinical purpose, like diagnostic aid or therapy planification. The segmentation literature is large. However, it is rare to find a method which performs both organ segmentation and reconstruction. Moreover, the major part of the literature focuses on the liver or lungs. We present a new method for(More)
Organ segmentation and motion simulation of organs can be useful for many clinical purposes such as organ study, diagnostic aid, therapy planning or even tumor destruction. In this paper we present a full workflow starting from a CT-Scan resulting in kidney motion simulation and tumor tracking. Our method is divided into three major steps: kidney(More)
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