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Monoamine oxidase from Aspergillus niger (MAO-N) is a flavoenzyme that catalyses the oxidative deamination of primary amines. MAO-N has been used as the starting model for a series of directed evolution experiments, resulting in mutants of improved activity and broader substrate specificity, suitable for application in the preparative deracemisation of(More)
Enzymatic catalysis and homogeneous catalysis offer complementary means to address synthetic challenges, both in chemistry and in biology. Despite its attractiveness, the implementation of concurrent cascade reactions that combine an organometallic catalyst with an enzyme has proven challenging because of the mutual inactivation of both catalysts. To(More)
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (P450s or CYPs) are a unique family of enzymes which are capable of catalysing the regio- and stereospecific oxidation of non-functionalised hydrocarbons. Despite the enormous synthetic potential of P450s, these enzymes have yet to be extensively employed for research purposes or in industry. Lack of stability, low activity,(More)
The concurrent operation of multiple catalysts can lead to enhanced reaction features including (i) simultaneous linear multi-step transformations in a single reaction flask (ii) the control of intermediate equilibria (iii) stereoconvergent transformations (iv) rapid processing of labile reaction products. Enzymes occupy a prominent position for the(More)
Artificial metalloenzymes result from the introduction of a catalytically competent non-native metal cofactor within a protein environment. In the present contribution, we summarize the recent achievements in the design and the optimization of such protein-based hybrid catalysts, with an emphasis on enantioselective transformations. The second part outlines(More)
[reaction: see text] Boron-bridged bisoxazoline (borabox) ligands have been used in the copper(II)-catalyzed benzoylation of pyridyl alcohols and 1,2-diols. Efficient kinetic resolution of 1,2-diols was achieved using both borabox and bisoxazoline (box) ligands. Borabox ligands induced high selectivities in the benzoylation of suitable pyridyl alcohols,(More)