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How to get off the mismatch at the generic rank in African Podostemaceae?
The Podostemaceae are highly enigmatic plants which are restricted to submerged river-rock habitats and the availability of new material from continental Africa prompted this new study, which proposes restricting Ledermanniella to the species of the former subgenus Ledermannilla, resurrecting Monandriella as monotypic genus, and accepting the genus name Inversodicraea.
Enigmatic morphology of Djinga felicis (Podostemaceae-Podostemoideae), a badly known endemic from northwestern Cameroon
The structure and development of Djinga felicis is described using scanning electron microscopy and microtome sections and Cusset's protologue is enriched considerably.
Sympodial construction of Fibonacci-type leaf rosettes in Pinguicula moranensis (Lentibulariaceae).
The unidirectional development of the Pinguicula flower is confirmed and discussed, and the formation of the rosettes is shown with the aid of scanning electron microscopy.
Stonesia ghoguei, Peculiar Morphology of a New Cameroonian Species (Podostemaceae, Podostemoideae)
A new species, S. ghoguei E. Pfeifer & Rutishauser, is described, which represents the first Cameroonian member of the genus Stonesia, characterized by capsule valves with five or seven ribs each.
Developmental morphology of branching flowers in Nymphaea prolifera
The developmental morphology of the branching flowers of N. prolifera is described using both microtome sections and scanning electron microscopy and it is shown that this species usually produces sterile tuberiferous flowers that act as vegetative propagules.
Morphology, Development and Regeneration of Thelethylax minutiflora, a Madagascan River-weed (Podostemaceae)
Thelethylax (2 species) is one of three podostemoid genera, which are endemic to Madagascar. This paper deals with the structure and development of T. minutiflora. Characters typical for this species