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— The paper presents a virtual reality techniques to create and to simulate a skeletal model of human upper limbs. Motions supported by the current version of the system are: arm flexion/extension, arm adduction / abduction and forearm flexion/extension. It's present the differences between VRML and Matlab. A computer system has been developed where a set(More)
The problem of the traffic noise pollution from the urban areas amplified in the last years. The evolution of the traffic volume values in Romania is continuously increasing. The present paper presents measurements of traffic noise on the street in south western Romania (Drobeta Turnu Severin). The study was performed between January-April 2007. The paper(More)
An important criterion of the industrial robots is the dynamic performance of manipulators. The correlations between the parameters which determine the dynamic performance of robot manipulators are complex and highly non-linear. The gearbox size (mass) and the lengths of the arms are parameters that have a large impact on the performance and the cost of(More)
— The paper presents a dynamic model considering the human upper limb as a mechanic system with 6 degrees of freedom where the segments are moved by their own weight forces. The bones were modeled in Solid Works, the model of the upper limb obtained being very close as form to the real one. Based on this model, the calculus of mass proprieties was made. The(More)
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