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Designing an Interactive and Collaborative Experience in Audio Augmented Reality
This paper proposes an experiment to examine how spatial audio can prompt and support actions in interactive AAR experiences; how distinct auditory information influence collaborative tasks and group dynamics; and how gamified AAR can enhance participatory storytelling.
First Steps Towards Augmented Reality Interactive Electronic Music Production
The paper presents a work in progress of an AR compositional platform which allows to create interactive music experiences, through the use case of an electronic music creation.
Interactive Audio Augmented Reality in Participatory Performance
This study investigates an AAR participatory performance based on the theater and performance practice by theater maker Augusto Boal and draws from aspects of multi-player audio-only games and interactive storytelling.
Designing an Extended Reality Application to Expand Clinic-Based Sensory Strategies for Autistic Children Requiring Substantial Support: Participation of Practitioners
A "Mixed Reality platform for Engagement and Relaxation of Autistic children" was designed and developed, which allows to add audio, visual and haptic individualized or common stimuli onto reality.
eXtended Reality for Autism Interventions: The importance of Mediation and Sensory-Based Approaches
It is demonstrated that collaborative XR sensory-based and mediation approaches would benefit the entire spectrum, and encourage to consider the overall intervention context when designing XR protocols.