Valentim Sousa

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In this paper, the evolution, limits and challenges of charge-storage Silicon Non Volatile Memory technologies are presented, with a special attention for 3D architectures. Then, new resistive memory technologies are introduced. Main principles, challenges and opportunities are discussed. In particular, an overview of our recent research work on phase(More)
Although PCM presents good scaling properties, multilevel storage may be required to increase bit density and reduce the cost per bit. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of different phase change (PC) materials based on GST and GeTe on the feasibility of partial-RESET multilevel programming in self-heating device architectures. Through an(More)
In this paper we summarize our recent results in the field of neuromorphic hardware design using synapses based on Phase Change Memory (PCM) devices. Emulation of synaptic plasticity effects such as long term potentiation/depression (LTP/LTD) and learning rules like spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP) are emphasized. We discuss implementation of(More)
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