Valent́ın Valero

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In this paper we present an Algebraic Language which allows us to describe probabilistic and non-deterministic processes as well as to evaluate index performances: PPNAL (Performance Probabilistic and Non-deterministic Algebraic Language). We also analyse the Alternating Bit Protocol by using this language, showing the average time to send a message ,(More)
We present an approach for the validation and verification of Web Services choreographies, and more specifically, for those composite Web Services systems with timing restrictions. We use a W3C proposal for the description of composite Web Services, WS-CDL (Web Services Choreography Description Language), and we define an operational semantics for a(More)
In this paper we define a Timed Process Algebra for the specification and analysis of concurrent systems, where time becomes an important factor to be considered, such as real-time systems. Thus, the language includes some operators on the basis of Timed LOTOS to describe timed behaviours. We have defined an operational semantics for this language, and for(More)
INTRODUCTION The physiological mechanisms involved in neurotransmitter release were established thanks to the pioneer work of Katz, Del Castillo and Miledi at the neuromuscular junction. They termed their work as the quantal hypothesis of synaptic transmission. This hypothesis was further established morphologically by the work of Heuser and Reese. However,(More)
We propose the extension of discrete time stochastic Petri box calculus (dtsPBC) presented by I.V. Tarasyuk with immediate multiactions. dtsPBC is a discrete time analog of stochastic Petri box calculus (sPBC) with immediate multiactions proposed by H. Macià, V. Valero and others within a continuous time domain. The step operational semantics is constructed(More)