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E-commerce is based on transactions between client and server agents. These transactions require a protocol that provides privacy and reliability between these two agents. A widely used protocol on e-commerce is Transport Layer Security (TLS). In this paper we present a way to use Formal Methods to ensure the e-commerce properties of this protocol.(More)
Timed-arc Petri nets are not Turing powerful, because, in particular, they cannot simulate a counter with test on zero. Thus, we could think that this model does not extend significatively the expressiveness of untimed Petri nets. But this is not true; in this paper we show that the differences between them are big enough to make the reachability problem(More)
The main goal of this paper is to extend sPBC with the iteration operator, providing an operational semantics for the language, as well as a denotational semantics, which is based on stochastic Petri nets. With this new operator we can model some repetitive behaviours, and then we obtain a formal method that can be easily used for the design of(More)