Valencia James

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This paper presents an attempt to generate novel dance movement based on motion captured human dance. Captured movements are analyzed statistically using nonlinear principal component analysis in order to create a "map" of observed poses. A method for automatically exploring the map by generating random trajectories is then presented, constituting a kind of(More)
INTRODUCTION Health sector reforms motivated by the need for efficiency, effectiveness and equity in the delivery of services have interested authorities in the planning competencies of managers, because planning sets the stage for the effective management of health systems. The huge public and private cost of oral health makes planning an important(More)
This paper presents an interdisciplinary project which aims at cross-fertilizing dance with artificial intelligence. It utilizes AI as an approach to explore and unveil new territories of possible dance movements. Statistical analyzes of recorded human dance movements provide the foundation for a system that learns poses from human dancers, extends them(More)
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