Valen E. Johnson

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A model of object shape by nets of medial and boundary primitives is justified as richly capturing multiple aspects of shape and yet requiring representation space and image analysis work proportional to the number of primitives. Metrics are described that compute an object representation's prior probability of local geometry by reflecting variabilities in(More)
Expert landmark correspondences are widely reported for evaluating deformable image registration (DIR) spatial accuracy. In this report, we present a framework for objective evaluation of DIR spatial accuracy using large sets of expert-determined landmark point pairs. Large samples (>1100) of pulmonary landmark point pairs were manually generated for five(More)
Recent advances in Bayesian hypothesis testing have led to the development of uniformly most powerful Bayesian tests, which represent an objective, default class of Bayesian hypothesis tests that have the same rejection regions as classical significance tests. Based on the correspondence between these two classes of tests, it is possible to equate the size(More)
I describe a simple procedure for investigating the convergence properties of Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling schemes. The procedure employs multiple runs from a sampler, using the same random deviates for each run. When the sample paths from all sequences converge, it is argued that approximate equilibrium conditions hold. The procedure also provides a(More)
In recent years, many investigators have proposed Gibbs prior models to regularize images reconstructed from emission computed tomography data. Unfortunately, hyperparameters used to specify Gibbs priors can greatly influence the degree of regularity imposed by such priors and, as a result, numerous procedures have been proposed to estimate hyperparameter(More)
BACKGROUND Individual differences in human cognitive abilities show consistently positive correlations across diverse domains, providing the basis for the trait of "general intelligence" (g). At present, little is known about the evolution of g, in part because most comparative studies focus on rodents or on differences across higher-level taxa. What is(More)
This article examines the consistency, interpretation and application of Bayes factors constructed from standard test statistics. Primary conclusions are that Bayes factors based on multinomial and normal test statistics are consistent for suitable choices of the hyperparameters used to specify alternative hypotheses, and that such constructions can be(More)
Standard assumptions incorporated into Bayesian model selection procedures result in procedures that are not competitive with commonly used penalized likelihood methods. We propose modifications of these methods by imposing nonlocal prior densities on model parameters. We show that the resulting model selection procedures are consistent in linear model(More)
Very little has been published about the characteristics and sequelae of dysphagia in children with neurological impairment. The swallowing difficulties encountered by children with spastic cerebral palsy are particularly debilitating and potentially lethal. However, aggressive evaluation and management of their feeding is typically deferred until they are(More)
Reports on a new method in which spatially correlated magnetic resonance (MR) or X-ray computed tomography (CT) images are employed as a source of prior information in the Bayesian reconstruction of positron emission tomography (PET) images. This new method incorporates the correlated structural images as anatomic templates which can be used for extracting(More)