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— Advanced simulation tools have taken a lot of attention for development and analysis of new and existing protocols and technologies in wireless communications. The huge amount of information, protocols and techniques to be analysed make however their implementation difficult in one simulator. It is thus of paramount importance to define a common interface(More)
This paper provides a complete specification of the packet based cellular wireless system level simulator that addresses a beyond 3G scenario involving heterogeneous wireless systems interconnected via an IP backbone network. Important aspects as the Link layer design (including the MAC layer) are specified, as well as the C++ object oriented simulation(More)
Networks of the future envisage a network-of-wireless-networks that provide the end user the means to connect to the best available network at anytime and at any place. However, equally challenging for the operators is to provide these services at low cost in an era where spectral resources are a premium. This paper investigates cooperation between networks(More)
– The work presented in this paper focus on the analysis of experimental data collected during a channel impulse response measurement campaign in the 40 GHz band. A comparative analysis of the impulse response power and delay parameters and the power delay profile was performed in respect to the results obtained via raytracing simulation, considering(More)
– This paper presents the experimental setup description and some results of a channel impulse response measurement campaign. The measurements were performed in the frequency domain, in the 40 GHz band, and the channel impulse response was obtained applying spectral analysis. A wide indoor sports pavilion was selected for the experiments, considering(More)