Valdemar Fischer

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OBJECTIVE Authors documented an individual management of intracavitary left atrium tumors diagnosed during pregnancy. SUBJECT Two case reports were presented. Brain embolisation was supposed in the case one of intracavitary left atrium tumor. An urgent cardiosurgery at 24 weeks' gestation was performed on the cardiopulmonary bypass. In case two (multiple(More)
The authors present a detailed analysis of pulmonary complications after open-heart surgery and of their risk factors. The results of the presented study indicate that COPD patients with functional impairments are more sensitive to complicated postoperative outcome and to respiratory infections, in general. There is a clear relationship between artificial(More)
HISTORY AND ADMISSION FINDINGS A 43-year-old man was admitted to a hospital because of an exacerbation of severe headache, which for three years had been refractory to any treatment. Headache had led to chronic use of analgesics and to drug-treated depression. As a result he had to quit his job the previous year and had since then been receiving a(More)
Heart valve replacement using continuous suture is the method of choice in many cardiosurgical centers. Our experience with this method is presented in this report on our first nine patients. In seven of them the Björk-Shiley and in two the Sorin type of prosthesis was applied without occurrence of paravalvular leak. Suture in continuous fashion can be(More)
Species differences in the biotransformation of the antiemetic tropisetron, a potent 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3 (5-HT3) receptor antagonist, were evident in liver slice incubates of human, rat and dog, and reflected the species differences observed in vivo with respect to the relative importance of individual pathways. The dominant biotransformation pathway(More)
Infection of the stimulative system with a septic state or endocarditis is the ultimate requirement for the extraction of intravenous parts of the implanted stimulative system. The extraction performed by the classical method or by means of catheter does not have to be necessarily successful. The use of extracorporeal circulation is optimal for the surgeon,(More)
  • V. Fischer
  • Archiv für orthopädische und Unfall-Chirurgie…
  • 2004
28 cases of arthrodesis of the knee-joint performed during a 3 years period are reviewed. Main indications for this procedure were degenerative, rheumatoid and posttraumatic arthrosis of the knee joint. The Charnley compression arthrodesis was the preferred method. In bilateral rheumatoid arthritis the arthrodesis was combined with a high osteotomy of the(More)
The tips of the inserted Redon-drainage-tubes were bacteriologically examined after 50 operations on the extremities which included 37 osteosyntheses. The withdrawal was carried out about 48 h after the operation. The tips of the drainage tubes were sterile in 28 cases, only once did we find a slight infection of the operational wound. In six cases we(More)