Valasia Iakovoglou

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Several environmental factors influence tree growth at any site. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors and tree growth rate (mean ring width averaged over the last 10 years) in settings ranging from urban to rural. Six “clusters”, each with five communities and two rural parks, were sampled in(More)
A major initiative in Europe is the protection of its biodiversity. To accomplish this, specific areas from all countries of the European Union are protected by the establishment of the "Natura 2000" network. One of the major threats to these areas and in general to ecosystems is soil erosion. The objective of this study was to quantitatively estimate(More)
This study investigated how nurseries could benefit by inducing "short" photoperiods as low as 4 hr to produce "better" seedlings characterized by more vigorous roots; a substantial feature to overcome transplanting stress. The carryover effect of the photoperiod was also investigated on seedlings that grew for 30 days more underthe consistent 14 hr(More)
Water resources management requires the knowledge of the environmental conditions and hydrologic processes. The development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has allowed the use of spatially and physically based hydrologic models in order to simulate the hydrology in a complicated natural system. It is very important to use such tools especially in(More)
This paper aims to examine the attitudes of the consumers in Greece towards the use of biotechnology in forest plantations and their potential purchases of forest transgenic products. Three groups of factors related the consumers’ attitude on the use of biotechnology in forest plantations with the potential purchases of transgenic forest products: (a) the(More)
Biodiversity levels could be enhanced when regenerating a site by seed-derived seedlings. However, seed dormancy poses limitations for many species. As a result, nurseries either produce seedlings from species where dormancy is not an obstacle, or they propagate through cuttings with the risk of decreasing the genetic diversity within and among species at(More)
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