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In this study the course of Readmission after one, 2.5 and 5 years was examinated at a sample of 258 first admitted psychiatric patients of different diagnostic groups. In the analysis occupational, soziodemographic and clinical parameters of these patients were related to the readmission after 5 years and studied if these parameters allow a predictive(More)
Placing persons having a mental illness in the open labour market has in recent years become increasingly difficult. The question therefore arises whether an attempt should be made to improve occupational access through rehabilitative measures, or whether pensioning would not be the more appropriate action. In the framework of a prospective 5-year(More)
In dealing with the issue of readmission of psychiatric patients into in-patient care, the focus had in the past primarily been on clinical variables such as diagnosis, or severity of the clinical picture. The present study, however, had centered on occupational variables, such as vocational training, occupational status, periods of gainful employment, and(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet, with its capacity to provide information that transcends time and space barriers, continues to transform how people find and apply information to their own lives. With the current explosion in electronic sources of health information, including thousands of websites and hundreds of mobile phone health apps, electronic health(More)
228 patients who had been admitted for the first time to a psychiatric hospital were questioned one year after their discharge in respect of the use they made of the medical and non-medical facilities or institutions. The article describes the actual state of affairs in the after-care behaviour of the psychiatric patients, and goes into details with regard(More)
In this study prognoses about the posthospital vocational achievement behavior of 55 first admitted depressive patients were made at the time of discharge. With a structured and standardized questionnaire the patients themselves, the treating physicians, and the nurses were interviewed. As a first step of analysis the prognoses of the three groups were(More)
In the framework of a prospective longitudinal investigation, the occupational course of first-admission psychiatric patients was analyzed for the first year (1980) and the fifth (1984) post-discharge from the clinic. Findings indicate that, to quite an important degree, tendencies towards occupational disintegration had existed already immediately after(More)
Patients who commit suicide in a psychiatric hospital are, in general, patients who have had previous admission or who have already made at least one suicide attempt. The following study focuses upon an earlier time within the course of a psychiatric illness, that is the time of first admission, and examines the rate of suicide of 258 patients after 5(More)