Val Wilson

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BACKGROUND Realist synthesis is an increasingly popular approach to the review and synthesis of evidence, which focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which an intervention works (or not). There are few published examples of realist synthesis. This paper therefore fills a gap by describing, in detail, the process used for a realist review and synthesis(More)
Background: Medication error is the most common adverse event for hospitalised children and can lead to significant harm. Despite decades of research and implementation of a number of initiatives, the error rates continue to rise, particularly those associated with administration. Objectives: The objective of this literature review is to explore the factors(More)
Aim: The purpose of this paper is to present a model developed from the evaluation outcomes of a practice development programme in a special care nursery. Background: A family-centred philosophy of care, where parents are viewed as integral partners in their care of their child, is central to paediatric nursing practice. Whilst nurses understand and(More)
Background: A new methodological framework for human flourishing as the ends and means of transformational action research and practice development has recently been published. Located in the critical creativity paradigmatic synthesis, the framework is one of the outcomes of our shared journey as practice development facilitators and researchers. Aims and(More)
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