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BACKGROUND Whether brain imaging can identify patients who are most likely to benefit from therapies for acute ischemic stroke and whether endovascular thrombectomy improves clinical outcomes in such patients remains unclear. METHODS In this study, we randomly assigned patients within 8 hours after the onset of large-vessel, anterior-circulation strokes(More)
BACKGROUND The timely assessment and treatment of ICU patients is important for neurosurgeons and neurointensivists. We hypothesized that the use of RTP can improve physician rapid response to unstable ICU patients. METHODS This is a prospective study using a before-after, cohort-control design to test the effectiveness of RTP. Physicians used RTP to make(More)
Conditioned eyeblink responses were obtained in cats by pairing click (CS) with glabella tap (US) and electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus (HS). Hiss was used as a discriminative stimulus (DS). Onset latencies of conditioned responses (CRs) of 20-56 ms were obtained by using an interstimulus interval (ISI) of 570-10 ms between CS and US-HS. Longer(More)
Studies were performed in cortical neurons to determine if voltage- and time-dependent membrane currents could be recognized and characterized in the dynamic, in vivo state. Intracellular measurements made in neurons of the precruciate cortex of awake cats with single-electrode voltage-clamp (SEVC) techniques disclosed an early outward current to(More)
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