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[1] On 30 October 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Brigantine New Jersey bringing widespread erosion and damage to the coastline. We have obtained a unique set of high-resolution before and after storm measurements of seabed morphology and in situ hydrodynamic conditions (waves and currents) capturing the impact of the storm at an inner continental(More)
, Date ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this work to my family, whose untiring support and encouragement were in every way essential to my success. In particular I would like to thank my best friend and wife, Alice. Her understanding through many long nights and weekends of relentless work and travel has been superhuman , and to our daughter, Gracie,(More)
— A GO-PRO underwater stereo camera kit has been used to measure the 3D topography (bathymetry) of a patch of seafloor producing a point cloud with a spatial data density of 15 measurements per 3 mm grid square and an standard deviation of less than 1 cm A GO-PRO camera is a fixed focus, 11 mega-pixel, still-frame (or 1080p high-definition video) camera,(More)
Lithium/sulphur batteries are promising candidates for future energy storage systems, mainly due to their high potential capacity. However low sulphur utilization and capacity fading hinder practical realizations. In order to improve understanding of the system, we investigate Li/S electrode morphology changes for different ageing steps, using X-ray phase(More)
— Phase-differencing side-scan sonar systems produce co-located bathymetry in addition to each side-scan amplitude measurement. Bathymetric soundings are calculated from the range to each measurement (derived from the two-way travel time) and the receive angle of the incoming signal. Because phase-differencing systems produce a seafloor sounding with each(More)
ii The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, nor the U.S. Government. iii For Sarah and Lucy, Who are with me through the rise and fall, Keeping me grounded, And helping me reach the zenith. iv Acknowledgment I want to thank(More)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy's underwater radiated noise signature was characterized in the central Arctic Ocean during different types of ice-breaking operations. Propulsion modes included transit in variable ice cover, breaking heavy ice with backing-and-ramming maneuvers, and dynamic positioning with the bow thruster in operation. Compared to open-water(More)
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