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This paper describes the details of a new method for improved spectral efficiency in a multigigabit millimeter-wave communication system, and the outdoor and indoor test results of a 6-Gbit/s concept demonstrator in the 81-86-GHz frequency band. Achieved aggregate data with a 2.4-bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency was the fastest wireless transmission published(More)
The enabling technologies and challenges in development of multi-gigabit wireless communication systems in the E-band are discussed. Potentials of the further improvement of the fixed wireless links performance and feasibility of development of the future ad-hoc or mobile wireless networks in the E-band are evaluated.
—This paper presents a joint channel and mutual coupling estimation technique for wideband antenna array to achieve high speed wireless communications in the millimetre-wave frequency bands. The estimated channel frequency responses and mutual coupling matrix can be used to digitally calibrate a wideband antenna array in the frequency-domain, followed by(More)
We are developing a multi-gigabit wireless test bed for demonstrating new technologies that are suitable for commercial broadband applications of the future. We are targeting the emerging millimetre-wave bands above 57 GHz and the data rates up to 10 Gbps or more. The test bed is used to test different network applications and signal processing algorithms(More)
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