Val Donaldson

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Program speedup is an important measure of the performance of an algorithm on a parallel machine. Of particular importance is the near linear or superlinear speedup exhibited by the most performance-eecient algorithms for a given system. We describe network and program models for heterogeneous networks, deene notions of speedup and superlinear speedup, and(More)
Purified human granulocyte elastase cleaved purified human high molecular weight (HMW) kininogen into multiple low molecular weight fragments, and destroyed the clot-promoting activity of the HMW kininogen. Elastase digestion did not release kinin or destroy the bradykinin portion of the HMW kininogen molecule; kallikrein could release kinin from the(More)
Asynchronous pipelining is a form of parallelism in which processors execute diierent loop tasks, as opposed to diierent loop iterations. An asynchronous pipeline schedule for a loop is a generalization of a noniterative DAG schedule, and consists of a processor assignment|an assignment of loop tasks to processors; plus a task sequence for each processor|an(More)
Asynchronous pipelining is a form of parallelism which may be used in distributed memory systems. An asynchronous pipeline schedule is a generalization of a noniterative DAG schedule. Accurate estimation of the execution time of a pipeline schedule is needed to determine if pipelining is appropriate for a loop, and to compare alternative schedules. Pipeline(More)
This psychoneuroimmunological study examined the effects of visualization, or mental imagery, on immune system response, specifically, on depressed white blood cell (WBC) count in 20 medical patients. Subjects were 10 females and 10 males and included medical patients diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, viral infections, and other medical problems associated with(More)
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