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OBJECTIVES Attendance at colposcopy following an abnormal cervical smear is potentially a highly distressing event. This study evaluates the role of cognitive appraisal components (Lazarus, 1991; Smith et al., 1993) in explaining emotional reactions to this event. We also compare the psychological sequelae of immediate treatment at first colposcopy (See and(More)
Some women receiving abnormal cervical screening tests do not complete recommended treatment. A prospective study (N = 660) investigated the value of conceptualizing attendance at colposcopy for treatment as either (a) an active problem-solving response to a health threat, motivated by attitudes toward an abnormal result, as implied by self-regulation(More)
Essure™ hysteroscopic sterilisation is a minimally invasive, outpatient approach to female sterilisation, which avoids the possible complications of laparoscopic sterilisation. We present our experience of the first 100 cases of the procedure performed in our unit. The successful placement rate overall was 87%. Insertion failure, more common with the older(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional ways of teaching in Higher Education are enhanced with adult-based approaches to learning within the curriculum. Adult-based learning enables students to take ownership of their own learning, working in independence using a holistic approach. Introducing creative activities promotes students to think in alternative ways to the(More)
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