Valérie Wespatat

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Synaptic modifications depend on the amplitude and temporal relations of presynaptic and postsynaptic activation. The interactions among these variables are complex and hard to predict when neurons engage in synchronized high-frequency oscillations in the beta and gamma frequency range, as is often observed during signal processing in the cerebral cortex.(More)
Inhibitory interactions play a crucial role in the synchronization of neuronal activity. Here we investigate the effect of GABAergic PSPs on spike timing in cortical neurons that exhibit an oscillatory modulation of their membrane potential. To this end we combined numerical simulations with in-vitro patch-clamp recordings from layer II/III pyramidal cells(More)
Oscillatory neuronal activity and inhibitory (GABAergic) synaptic input are believed to be important for cortical computation. We conducted a theoretical study to investigate the interaction between these processes. Depending on the phase of the oscillation they are evoked at, GABAergic synaptic potentials can either delay or prevent spikes. The reason is(More)
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