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BACKGROUND Hand hygiene prevents cross infection in hospitals, but compliance with recommended instructions is commonly poor. We attempted to promote hand hygiene by implementing a hospital-wide programme, with special emphasis on bedside, alcohol-based hand disinfection. We measured nosocomial infections in parallel. METHODS We monitored the overall(More)
The role of asymptomatic carriers of toxigenic Clostridium difficile (TCD) in nosocomial cross-transmission remains debatable. Moreover, its relevance in the elderly has been sparsely studied. To assess asymptomatic TCD carriage in an acute care geriatric population. We performed a prospective cohort study at the 296-bed geriatric hospital of the Geneva(More)
Objectives Surveillance of epidemiologically important pathogens and measurement of related indicators are key tasks of Infection Control staff (ICS). Active surveillance is carried out by ICS in a 300-bed geriatric hospital in Swit-zerland to improve safety of hospitalized elderly patients. Methods The following surveillance activities are currently(More)
Objectives Patient participation to enhance compliance with hand hygiene practices may improve the global strategy. We investigated the ability of geriatric patients to be involved in such a strategy. Methods We conducted a survey on the impact of feedback and patient participation on hand hygiene compliance at our institution in 2012 and included 5 of 16(More)