Valérie Porra

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The gene mutated in Pendred syndrome (PDS), the PDS gene, is expressed in the inner ear, kidney, and thyroid. It encodes a membrane protein named pendrin that is endowed with the function of anion transporter or exchanger. It has been postulated that in the thyroid pendrin could participate in the transport of iodide from the cell to the lumen of follicles.(More)
The uptake of iodide by epithelial thyroid cells requires the expression of a specific transporter, the Na(+)/I(-) symporter, NIS. Benign and malignant thyroid tumors of epithelial origin show a decrease up to a loss of iodide uptake activity. Previous studies of the human NIS (hNIS) gene expression in these tumors, based on the amplification of transcripts(More)
SLC5A8, proposed as a thyroid apical iodide transporter, was recently defined as a Na+-coupled transporter of short-chain fatty acid. To document the expression pattern of SLC5A8 in the thyroid, we analyzed the regulation of its expression in normal human thyrocytes in culture and in tissues with distinct functional activity. To determine whether SLC5A8(More)
Besides complete GH insensitivity syndrome (GHIS) described by Laron, clinical and molecular evidences have accumulated concerning partial GHIS. We studied GH receptor (GHR) gene in children who show poor response to GH treatment and detected a patient with a heterozygous mutation in exon 7 leading to the Y222H substitution. This missense mutation, located(More)
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