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Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is a research priority in chronic diseases. We undertook a systematic review (registration #CRD42015024939) to identify, appraise and synthesize the evidence relating to HRQoL in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM). A comprehensive search was conducted in August 2015 using CINAHL, EMBase and Pubmed to identify(More)
The discovery of the fuel additive methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in groundwater and drinking water reservoirs has raised new public health concerns about the oxygenate, which is currently classified as a possible carcinogen. In California, public health officials in one municipality shut down some drinking water supplies because of high MTBE(More)
States could better monitor and manage toxic chemical hazards within their borders if they had access to a storehouse of federal toxic chemical data, according to EPA and states involved in a recent program to look into the benefits of data sharing. However, the data, reported to EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), consist mostly of(More)
"Streamlined" water-testing plan frees labs to fine-tune methods W ater-testing laboratories would have easier access to a new universe of modified testing methods under a recent EPA proposal to streamline the approval process for laboratory test procedures and quality control (QC) measures. The proposal could also open up the U.S. water-testing market to(More)
High-energy lasers are being evaluated for a precision cleaning system that lifts particles from semiconductor wafers without the use of waterbased or organic solvent cleaners. The Department of Defense (DOD), with an EPA Environmental Technology Initiative grant, began a demonstration project in March at the Motorola Laboratories in Phoenix, where(More)
EPA proposes a national low-emission vehicle program E PA issued a voluntary rule in May that puts the agency in the middle of an ongoing dispute between some Northeastern states and automakers about mandates requiring the sale of electric vehicles. The new rule would create a National Low Emission Vehicle program (NLEV) only if all states, except(More)
Developers of innovative groundwater and soil cleanup technologies are stymied by regulatory and market forces that favor established yet ineffective technologies, according to a new National Research Council (NRC) report. Sweeping changes are needed to stimulate the market for such technologies, improve testing and exchange of data on technology(More)
a dark brown substance with many of the characteristics of humic-bound residue. In a presentation at the In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation Symposium in New Orleans in April, Sims described experiments with soils from the Champion International Superfund site in Libby, Mont., a site currently undergoing bioremediation. In these soils, Sims has identified(More)
EPA says a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) proposal to set radiation cleanup standards on sites ranging from nuclear power plants to medical facilities using X-ray equipment is too lenient. The agency has threatened to put NRC cleanup sites on the Superfund list if the proposed rule is approved. The proposed radiological criterion for license(More)