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microRNAs (miRNAs) bind to specific messenger RNA targets to posttranscriptionally modulate their expression. Understanding the regulatory relationships between miRNAs and targets remains a major challenge. Many miRNAs reduce expression of their targets to inconsequential levels. It has also been proposed that miRNAs might adjust target expression to an(More)
miR-263a/b are members of a conserved family of microRNAs that are expressed in peripheral sense organs across the animal kingdom. Here we present evidence that miR-263a and miR-263b play a role in protecting Drosophila mechanosensory bristles from apoptosis by down-regulating the pro-apoptotic gene head involution defective. Both microRNAs are expressed in(More)
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing (AS) is a critical regulatory mechanism that operates extensively in the nervous system to produce diverse protein isoforms. Fruitless AS isoforms have been shown to influence male courtship behavior, but the underlying mechanisms are unknown. Using genome-wide approaches and quantitative behavioral assays, we show that the(More)
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