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In the literature on transit planning, network timetabling and vehicle scheduling are usually treated as separate problems. In this paper, we focus on combining important features of these two steps and propose a simultaneous solution approach to redefine timetables with the objective of bringing improvements to both quality of service and vehicle costs(More)
A driver-vehicle scheduling problem in a limousines rental company is studied. Given a set of trip demands to be covered, the goal is to find a driver-vehicle schedule that covers as many as possible of the required demands while satisfying a set of imperative constraints and optimizing several cost objectives. A formulation of the problem is given and a(More)
This work deals with an original problem with regard to the traditionally sequential planning process in public transit networks. This problem aims at modifying the network's timetables without rendering the vehicle and driver schedules obsolete. The objective is to improve the quality of service for passengers through number and quality of transfers. This(More)
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