Valérie Grimault

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The genus Clavibacter comprises one species and five subspecies of plant-pathogenic bacteria, four of which are classified as quarantine organisms due to the high economic threat they pose. Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis is one of the most important pathogens of tomato, but the recommended diagnostic tools are not satisfactory due to(More)
Council President: J. W. Moyer President-Elect: B. J. Christ Vice President: J. L. Sherwood Immediate Past President: R. D. Martyn Secretary: D. T. Beadle Treasurer: R. C. Rowe Senior Councilor-at-Large: G. W. Moorman Intermediate Councilor-at-Large: M. J. Boehm Junior Councilor-at-Large: C. T. Bull Editor-in-Chief, APS PRESS: M. L. Daughtrey(More)
During direct somatic embryogenesis in leaves of Cichorium hybrid clone '474', 38 kDa beta-1,3-glucanases are accumulated in the culture medium of the embryogenic hybrid to a higher level when compared with a non-embryogenic cultivar. In the same time, embryogenic cells were surrounded by a cell wall that was characterized by the presence of callose. This(More)
The colonization of eggplant, pepper and tomato byPseudomonas solanacearum was compared. Latent infections were observed in pepper and eggplant, indicating that this phenomenon was general in the main hosts ofP. solanacearum. In eggplant and pepper, as in tomato, resistance did not arise from a resistance to root colonization by the bacteria. In tomato and(More)
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