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Biochemical and spectrophotometric significance of advanced oxidized protein products.
We previously described the presence of advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP), a novel marker of oxidative stress in the plasma of hemodialyzed patients (HD). The present study was carried outExpand
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AOPP-induced activation of human neutrophil and monocyte oxidative metabolism: a potential target for N-acetylcysteine treatment in dialysis patients.
UNLABELLED AOPP-induced activation of human neutrophil and monocyte oxidative metabolism: A potential target forN-acetylcysteine treatment in dialysis patients. BACKGROUND Oxidative stress largelyExpand
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Dicer-2-Dependent Generation of Viral DNA from Defective Genomes of RNA Viruses Modulates Antiviral Immunity in Insects
Summary The RNAi pathway confers antiviral immunity in insects. Virus-specific siRNA responses are amplified via the reverse transcription of viral RNA to viral DNA (vDNA). The nature, biogenesis,Expand
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Iron Therapy, Advanced Oxidation Protein Products, and Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness in End-Stage Renal Disease
Background—Increased common carotid artery intima-media thickness (CCA-IMT) is a marker of early atherosclerosis. Low-grade inflammation is associated with the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.Expand
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Advanced oxidation protein products as risk factors for atherosclerotic cardiovascular events in nondiabetic predialysis patients.
BACKGROUND Inflammation and oxidative stress are established risk factors for atherosclerosis, but whether they contribute to the accelerated atherogenesis associated with chronic kidney diseaseExpand
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Respective role of uraemic toxins and myeloperoxidase in the uraemic state.
BACKGROUND In haemodialysis (HD) patients, advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP) were previously ascribed to oxidized plasma proteins, resulting mainly from increased myeloperoxidase (MPO)Expand
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Early prediction of IgA nephropathy progression: proteinuria and AOPP are strong prognostic markers.
BACKGROUND Inflammation and oxidative stress have been incriminated in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy (IgAN). The aim of the present study was to assess whether markers reflecting theseExpand
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Antiviral immunity in Drosophila requires systemic RNAi spread
Multicellular organisms evolved sophisticated defence systems to confer protection against pathogens. An important characteristic of these immune systems is their ability to act both locally at theExpand
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Are advanced oxidation protein products potential uremic toxins?
Oxidative stress, defined as a disruption of the equilibrium between the generation of oxidants and the activity of anti-oxidant systems, plays a significant role in the development of theExpand
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Myeloperoxidase Promoter Polymorphism −463G Is Associated With More Severe Clinical Expression of Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Disease
The severity of cystic fibrosis (CF) pulmonary disease is not directly related to CFTR genotype but depends upon several parameters, including neutrophil-dominated inflammation. Identification ofExpand
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